Upcoming Event Dates

Due to ongoing concerns with COVID-19, testing sessions will be limited to 3-5 candidates.

Individual, On-Demand event scheduling is possible, as individual tests can be available during weekdays.  Call 812-888-2871 to request a specific date

All CPAT activities will be conducted at the following location:

VU Gibson Center
8100 South U.S. Highway 41,
Fort Branch, Indiana 

Testing dates begin at 1300 CST.  Testing will immediately begin following orientation.   Proceed to the  Registration page to schedule your initial event date. 



Event Guidelines

Orientation Sessions:  Per IAFF guidelines, it is mandatory that all candidates attend at least (2) orientation sessions with the first session taking place at least (8) weeks prior to an actual test date.  Candidates may waive their Orientation and Practice Sessions.

Practice Sessions:  Per IAFF guidelines, candidates shall have an opportunity to perform at least (2) timed practice runs; these practice sessions shall occur within (30) days of an official test date. 

Waiver of Orientations and Practices:  Per IAFF guidelines, a candidate may forgo both orientations and practices but must first sign a written waiver acknowledging that the orientation and practice sessions were made available but that the candidate voluntarily and knowingly opted not to participate in the mandatory preparation program.